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Adam Makosiej
Craig Ochitwa

Adam and Craig have been working birds and smashing limits ever since meeting in 2014, and are both extremely passionate about it. They've hunted together almost exclusively, tackling several spring and fall migration seasons in Saskatchewan, and also traveling together to hunt sea ducks in Nova Scotia, and puddlers in Arkansas. They've also tried their hand at hosting their own television hunting show, and work together on constructing and selling custom hunting blinds. These guys come well rounded when it comes to experience, and know what it takes to put birds in your lap!


Conservation and ethical hunting practice are paramount principals at Fowl Outlaws Outfitters (contrary to the company's moniker). Adam and Craig know that in order to stay successful year after year, these principals need to be adhered to. These guys know the in's and out's of the business, having worked several seasons as guides, and will both bring their 'A' game when it comes to putting their clients on memorable hunts.


Meet SHR Bayou Side Drakes Easy Money JH (aka Cashman or Cash). Cash has been up in Canada retrieving birds for Adam and Craig for the last two seasons. With his junior hunt title successfully completed, Cash is ready to retrieve whatever the sky can throw at him.

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